1. About the Network

Is Non-Governmental Organization registered under the Non-Governmental Organization Act No. 24 of 2002 as amended in 2005.. It is a member–based network constituted of 45 legally recognized institutions from the United Republic of Tanzania. This network was officially launched on 29th July 2021, during the commemoration of international day against human–trafficking.

Its goal is to enhance a coordinated counter trafficking activities in Tanzania. The coalition is determined to leverage available initiatives to actively
  1. 1.Engage in awareness raising on human trafficking from bottom-top,
  2. To encourage and promote research both academic and scientific with the view to update magnitude data on human trafficking,
  3. 2.To conduct legal and policy review and analysis with the view to strengthen the legal framework combating human trafficking.
  4. 3.Cooperate with government agencies and development partners to strengthen government institutional and human capacity in combating human trafficking in Tanzania.
Tanzania Relief Initiatives (TRI) is the convener and coordinating agency for this network. The headquarter of the network is based at Mikocheni area, in Dar es salaam. The network is open for new members. prospective entrants shall be required to send this application form to to the secretariat via tanahut2021@gmail.comor for communication call: +255734186620 or +255735398434
B.     Membership Qualifications
The following are membership qualifications to join Tanzania Network Against Human Trafficking:
  • 1.Shouldbe a registered organizations this includes; CSOs, Academic Institutions, FBOs and service providers for victims of human trafficking.
  • 2.Should be an experienced organization in the area of human trafficking, human rights, gender, child rights, research, policy formulation and people with disabilities.
  • 3.Should be an organization which is willingand ready to share its resources to endevor the fight against human trafficking and the protection of victims of trafficking in persons.
  • 4.Should be ready to comply with national and international laws in resolve to fight human trafficking.
For successful application the following documents should be enclosed:
1.    One copy of constitution and certificate of registration.
2.    Organization Profile
3.    Director’s curriculum vitae (CV)
4.    Organization annual report.
The organization which will be admitted to be a member of Tanzania Network Against Human Trafficking will be involved in the following issues:
·         To participate in all activities of the network
·         To receive all the information of the Tanzania Network Against Human Trafficking.
·         To receive all publications of the network.
·         To participate in all capacity building trainings about human trafficking.
·         To participate in all meetings of the network.